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Upgrades to the VLE (Moodle)
by Janet Prescott - Wednesday, 22 July 2020, 12:18 PM

This is an advance warning -

we are working on an upgrade to a more recent version of Moodle; the aim is to improve the layout and functionality, and to replace content which is driven by 'Flash'  with other forms of interaction which will work more reliably on different tablets and phones.  Towards the end of August we will migrate the site to a new host when all this is ready.

At that point, we anticipate the site will be offline for a maximum of two days, probably less.

Once we have a clear timetable we will post  details for you.

All current and active users of the website will automatically be transferred over to the new version; this year's practical students will also be carried over to give them continued access for another year.