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Preparing for exams: Don't panic!
by Janet Prescott - Thursday, 28 January 2016, 12:46 PM

Many of you may be getting nervous as the February exam dates draw closer.

The exams can seem daunting, but please remember that the examiners are not trying to fail you.  They want you to show what you have learned and get credit for it.

Even if questions seem obvious at first reading, it's very important to READ THEM AGAIN and be clear on what exactly you are being asked. 

It's very common, when you are wound up and working against the clock, to answer something that you haven't actually been asked for - and so lose marks where you actually did have the information in your head.

For anyone who hasn't already read it, I'm attaching Jenny's guide to the terms used in RHS exam questions - how much information to give if the question says 'list' , 'state' , 'describe' etc. 

Finally, please don't be nervous about using sketches/diagrams where they may save you time.  A labelled diagram can be quicker and clearer than a lot of words!

Best of luck with your revision,