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Exam papers on the RHS website
by Janet Prescott - Tuesday, 9 January 2018, 9:58 PM

If anyone busy revising has tried to download the February  or June 2017 papers from the RHS website recently, you may have found the 'past papers' section had gone.

Please don't panic, it's good news; after much feedback from unhappy tutors and students, the RHS is re-loading  the papers from February and June 2016 to make it 'two years' and not just 'two exams'  and the page should return shortly.

On that topic, we intend very soon to post all papers for the current syllabus (back to 2013) in the relevant units, with the examiner comments; and in February we hope to start a regular post examining past questions, and giving some advice on what might be suitable ways to answer them.