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Level 3 Question from Garden Planning
by Janet Prescott - Tuesday, 5 June 2018, 2:03 PM

R3113  Feb 2017

Q1 State the factors to be considered when carrying out a site assessment prior to construction work under EACH of the following headings:

i) access;                                    6 marks

ii) storage of materials.                4 marks

This question refers to the following part of the syllabus:

1.1 Explain the need to plan landscape works 

Describe and state the significance of EACH of the following: 

- site assessment; - risk assessments (for all operations and materials in this unit); - specialist services; - setting out; - ground work; - construction (surfaces, vertical structures, rock and water). 

Site assessment to include: e.g. access for construction, services, storage areas, site security, toilet facilities, waste disposal. 

Specialist services which may need to be involved e.g. structural engineers, electricians, machine operators,

(Their specialist knowledge does not form part of this unit). 

State the importance of planning an appropriate sequence for all tasks.

Explain what is meant by a specification for landscape works.

This question has two parts with different marks for each part. The first part on access with 6 marks allocated will need more factors than the second part with 4 marks. For a question that asks you to ‘state’ you only need fairly brief answers.

It is important to read the question carefully, and think about a site assessment for construction work. The examiner’s comments mention that some answers were related to site appraisal for design purposes. Access and storage of materials both relate to the construction work for this question.

Suggested answers for part i) were:

·        width of entrances and paths/driveways

·         height (clearance for high vehicles)

·         weight restrictions (eg manholes)

·         manoeuvrability issues (turning) of large vehicles

·        presence of slopes, steps and ramps 

·        car parking requirements

·        safe pedestrian routes including disabled/elderly access if appropriate

·        security vulnerabilities (the need for fencing and gates)

·        safety (i.e. children).

·        necessity for signage

·        possibilities for altering access routes (removal of fence panels, temporary roadways etc.)

·        wider area access (weak bridges, width restrictions to road)

·        consideration for neighbouring properties

·        timing restrictions (traffic, noise etc.)

·        permission issues (local bylaws, licences for skips etc.)


For part ii) you could consider materials already on site that needed storing, or materials brought in.

Suggested answers for this were:

·        location of storage areas, proximity to access and the working areas

·         size of area needed and amount of materials that can be stored (in order to arrange smaller loads or holding areas)

·        security requirements - theft, vandalism etc. - and the need for lockable areas and sheds

·        protection from elements (cement, timber and other perishables)

·        hazardous materials and fuel etc.

·        away from trees (compaction damage to roots, spillage)

·        availability of hard standing

·        soil storage requirements

·        provision for maintenance of plants and turf etc. in storage (irrigation/shading)

Bullet points or numbers are useful for setting your answers out clearly for a question like this.