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exam forms and accessing results
by Janet Prescott - Saturday, 11 August 2018, 1:32 PM

The dates for 2019 exams are now posted in the 'Examinations' area on the front page, as well as in each classroom.

 The forms to enter the February exams are also now downloadable from the Examinations area.

Please note the change to the RHS exam fees.

THe RHS have sent us the following update about June exam results and how to access  them yourself:


Results for the theory examinations are due to be released on 29 August.  If a candidate contacts you with regard to having difficulty viewing their results as their centre you are authorised to tell them their results. It would also be helpful if you could make the following instructions available to your learners:

To access the RHS candidate web portal click on the link below;

Do not fill in any of the fields but immediately click on ‘Forgotten Your password’ - the next screen will request your email address - enter this and press ‘Continue’ - you will then be sent an email with a link/instructions on how to set up a new account. This may appear in your junk box.  When you select a password, it asks you to include an item of punctuation; please ensure you use one of the punctuation items listed as an example - it has to be one of those.  Please also ensure you set this up on a laptop or pc, rather than a mobile or tablet.