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RHS exam venue for February 2019 - Wisley not Euston
by Janet Prescott - Monday, 22 October 2018, 11:58 AM

We have had an October newsletter from the RHS which tells us

To support external candidates looking for a place to sit their exams, RHS Qualifications successfully trialled a host examination venue in London in 2017. This has proved increasingly popular, and we have therefore taken the decision to move from London to RHS Wisley Garden from February 2019, where we can accommodate a greater number of candidates.

I'm afraid that for candidates outside Surrey, this may not actually be as accessible as the meeting rooms in Euston.

If you intend to take exams at BEST's centres at Ryton Gardens or North Moreton in February, please do send in your exam form early - we have two large classrooms at Ryton and one room at North Moreton, but once all the spaces are full we may not be able to accommodate late entries.