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Increase to RHS Exam and Registration fees
by Janet Prescott - Thursday, 10 October 2019, 1:55 PM

In September 2018 the RHS increased its exam fees from £14 to £16, and £25 to £26 ; this was the first increase for some years.

THe RHS has published revised fees again for 2019-20, with effect from this September  - Level 2 exam units will cost £17, Level 3 £27.

I must apologise for not making you all aware of the increase earlier, but there was no publicity about increases this time when the notice of fees was issued - centres were just told that 'Centre Fees for 2019-20 are now published', and as we knew that fees and conditions for re-marking etc were changing,  and there were changes to other centre fees etc, I'm afraid we thought that the update wasn't immediately relevant to exams.

For anyone studying with us at a centre, or taking practical assessments as blended learning, this increase will be absorbed by BEST as the exam and registration fees were part of the advertised course fees.

We are in the process of setting up the exam booking and payment page on our website and hope to have it live and usable by tomorrow; exam costs will be the RHS fee plus paypal charge as before.

Please remember that the cut-off date published by the RHS (29 November) is the last possible date for entries to be made by us on the RHS system; we need time to set up your entries, so our webpage will close for entries a week earlier.

I think we should be prepared for a year-on-year increase in RHS exam fees from now on.