! RHS past papers (with examiner comments)

In response to a number of requests from students, this folder contains past papers with examiner comments from 2013 to  2017 - missing papers will be uploaded when we can find them!

Your unit revision sections will still contain past papers without comments for you to use for practice.

It's very important to work through those papers first to get used to interpreting the questions, so don't just go straight to these versions to 'find the right answers'; you need to be really familiar with the way questions are phrased so that in the examination you can decide for yourself what information is wanted  - there won't be 'examiner comments' to refer to on the day!

Please use these with caution, remembering that examiner comments 

1. reflect at least 110% of the answer, giving much more detail than you can be expected to put in the exam

2. are written in response to the exam papers submitted - so if just one person gives an exceptionally good (or odd) answer the examiner will comment, and this can give an undue weight to the more extreme answers

3. can in exceptional circumstances be misleading - especially when the syllabus changes and question papers may carry an accidental overlap, or when human error allows questions outside the 'indicative content' to slip through.

From next month the News Forum will be carrying regular posts looking at how to interpret specific exam questions, and at how this relates to the examiner comments.

The RHS website will be carrying the last two years' of exam papers in future.