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Exams - entries and important information from the RHS on deferrals
by Janet Prescott - Tuesday, 29 April 2014, 11:36 AM

As you will have seen in your individual classrooms, the deadline for entry for June exams is almost on us.

If anyone wants to take an exam with us at Ryton or North Moreton, please make sure to email me by the end of this week, 2nd May.

We have a new announcement this April from the RHS on deferring exams:

Examination Deferral

RHS qualifications will be ending the practice where candidates for RHS examinations choose to defer to a future examination session.

With effect from 1 September 2014, candidates will only be able to request to defer if there are exceptional circumstances, such as illness at the time of the examination. Applications to defer must be made through the Approved Centre and must be supported by appropriate evidence. If the deferral is approved, it will only be possible for candidates to defer to the next examination session. Existing deferrals for previous examination sessions, and deferrals made for the June 2014 examinations, will still be honoured. We are finding that it has become increasingly common for candidates to register to take the examination, but then decide later to defer because they feel they have not revised enough. Being unprepared for the examination will not be considered an acceptable reason for deferring in future.

This means that the only deferrals which are now possible (without 'cause')  are existing ones carrying forward to June or February 2015, and any deferrrals you may make this coming June to the February session.

From February 2015, if you don't take the exam (without good reason, and supporting evidence) you don't have the exam fee credited for the next session, you lose your money.

On the plus side, in the same briefing the RHS has canvassed all Centres for our views on adding slightly to the time allowed for each exam, from February 2015.  I will update you when we have the definite decision on that!