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Garden Planning syllabus, levels 2 and 3
by Janet Prescott - Tuesday, 8 July 2014, 11:24 AM
You may have heard that the syllabus for Garden Planning was being revised, in line with the changes to Plant Growth which were published in September 2013 and came into effect from February 2014's exam round. The revisions have been made, but they are being delayed by a year because of administrative technicalities, so no need to worry yet; if they aren't published this year they won't apply until February 2016. In the meantime the RHS is going to provide 'indicative content' for the current syllabus to bring Garden Planning into the same format as Plant Growth - this is good news as it will define a bit more clearly the scope of the topics and what depth you need to go into, to cover them properly for exam questions. This should be released in September 2014. As soon as we have it I will put the information in all level 2 and 3 classrooms, and advise you of any areas where I think we need to give you any extra information. Janet