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Plant of the Day/Tip of the Day
by Janet Prescott - Wednesday, 30 March 2016, 9:06 PM

This is just to let you know that at the beginning of March 2016, we started two new features on our main website:www. 

Plant of the Day and Tip of the Day will be updated on the website each day.

Plant of the Day comes up on BEST in Horticulture's pages, Tip of the Day comes up on the pages for the Academy of Practical Horticulture which looks after  our practical and taught courses.  THe posts will also go to Facebook and Twitter if you use these.

Tips of the Day are seasonal bits of advice from us - what to do when, plus what weeds to look out for at the moment, pests, disorders and diseases etc.

The Plant of the Day may be helpful to some of you trying to work on examples from the RHS list for your theory or practical qualifications.  All the plants posted will be on the RHS list, so they may serve as a seasonal refresher for ident tests or a reminder of some of the decorative merits of the plants you are learning.

We hope this new feature will be helpful to you.