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exams - a reminder
by Janet Prescott - Friday, 25 October 2019, 12:59 PM

Just to remind you, if you want to take  February exams with us, you need to use the main BEST in Horticulture website here to do so, and the deadline is 24th November - after that the site will not accept bookings because it will take us a few days to process and check registrations on the RHS Portal for their final date of 29 November.

After that you can still book  (it is generally open up until Christmas) but the RHS will double the exam fees as a penalty.

You  can withdraw at any time, but you can only do so and get your exam fee back up to 24 November.  As soon as registration closes on 29 November the RHS will send us an invoice for all the exams booked, which is why we ask you to make  a payment when you book.  I'm sorry we have to ask you to cover the Paypal fee, but otherwise we will lose money on every exam you take!

As you are a student of BEST, use your original password (sent when you enrolled) and the external candidate booking fee will not be added to your booking. If you can't find it,contact us.

Please go online and check your entry on the RHS candidate portal after 26th November - we can ask the RHS to correct mistakes if there are mis-spellings or you are down for the wrong unit.

You will find all the general information about where to go, what to bring etc on the website exam pages. An automatic reminder should go out a month before the exam date.

If you are going to take exams at a centre closer to your home, please remember that other examinations offices will want time to process your entry too, and don't leave it until the last possible moment!