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apple for the teacher?
by Janet Prescott - Friday, 7 February 2020, 12:32 PM

Please don't get stressed if you are preparing for exams!

I'm attaching our general tips about revision and exam preparation.

If you aren't taking exams this time round, why not start reading these tips (and any earlier ones in the section 'RHS Examinations')  NOW  and perhaps it will  help to avoid stress in future?

Remember you only need 50% to pass  - that's half marks on each question.

The key exam advice is always going to be the same:  read the questions, then read them again. Underline what the key words are, and use the number of marks and the verbs ('state, list, describe') as your guide to how much  time to spend on any part of a question.  If your mind is a total blank about one question, leave it and move on - you can come back.

Above all , DON'T PANIC.